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not only is the flower of their youth xiaoye,vibrant energy,attractive ufa,it also contain~~想必你也在寻找这种句子吧?下面,小编为大家整理的“关于青春的英文名言(48句)”,希望能帮助到你的学习和工作!


1、The more you care, the more you have to lose。越在意,失去的就越多。

2、young people in a once in a lifetime,the youth of the times than any other age to receive more noble and beautiful things.who can keep the youth to old age,not their hearts to cool,harden,inflexible,who is the well-being

3、He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.身体健壮就有希望,有了希望就有了一切。

4、bow back arrow to open really,"back"the word should belong to young people.

5、the struggle of life you are able to make,you make the suffering of the depressed aging;the times that this is going to be able to shoulder the historic mission for the youth of the two magic weapons.-mao dun

6、high expectations are the key to everything.

7、flowers wither,and will re-open next year;youth gone will never come again.

8、Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. 乐成的禅定就是四个简单的字:多一点点。

9、youth not only belong to those young people in their prime,all belonging to the burnout never,never aggressive.

10、Always remember: when the pain of holding on is greater than thepain of letting go, its time to let go。记住:当坚持之苦大过放弃之痛,是该放手的时候了。

11、Have an aim in life, or your energies will be wasted.没有目标的一生注定碌碌无为,确定一个目标吧。——R.Peters

12、I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday shy;perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored. shy;我浑浑噩噩地渡过的今日,是昨日去世的人们所奢求的明日 shy;


14、A bully is always a coward.色厉内荏。 A burden of one’s choice is not felt.爱挑的担子不嫌重。

15、《Gossip Girl》: Sometimes you have to let things go, so theres room for betterthings to come into your life。《绯闻女孩》:有时你要学会放手,这样才有空间让更好的事物进入你的生活。

16、Though malice may darken truth,it cannot put it out.恶意可以糟塌真理;但无法消灭真理。

17、young people are open-minded period of time,it should use this period to develop their own open-minded character.-russell

18、A false tongue will hardly speak truth.假舌不会吐真言。选自:名言名句

19、......a nation's young generation in the absence of youth,it is unfortunate that this great nation.-herzen

20、A man is not old as long as he is seeking something.A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.只要一个人还有追求,他就没有老。直到后悔取代了梦想,一个人才算老。

21、Gods determine what you’re going to be. -- Julius Erving人生的长远目标决策你将变成如何的人。 -- 凯里欧文

22、Search for knowledge, read more, sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to your needs.寻找更多的知识,多读一些书,坐在你家的前廊里,以赞美的眼光去享受眼前的风景,不要带上任何功利的想法。

23、I want you to know that someone out there cares。要记得,你总会被牵挂。

24、Give me a little bit of time, a little bit of patience, a little bitof faith, to show you how much I love you。给我一点点时间,一点点耐心,一点点信心,让我证明我有多爱你!


25、Thought is already is late, exactly isthe earliest time. -觉得已经晚了,恰恰是最早的时候 -

26、It’s no use crying over spilt milk./What’s done cannot be undone.反水不收

27、Life is too ironic to fully understand。 It takes sadness to knowwhat happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence。人生总是充满讽刺,让人费解。总要伤了心,才明白什么是快乐;总要喧哗后,才懂得宁静难得;总要有些人不在了,才发现TA在身边有多珍贵。

28、not on the difficult journey distance,not touching the spectrum of friendship song;no snow nestling in the warm,burning can not afford not quenched the fire of love.

29、Be thankful that you dont already have everything you desire。 Ifyou did, what would there be to look forward to?感谢你没有渴求到的一切东西,如果得到了你就不会再有期待。

30、youth means a green and hope.

31、young's sensitive and creative spirit,with a maturity of scientists a wealth of knowledge and experience combined will be able to complement each other.-beveridge

32、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.生活没有目标,就像航海没有罗盘。 ——John Ruskin

33、young people are our future,it is our hope.-stalin


35、never get stuck with the thing that ruins your day. stay upbeat andbe happy; for life is too short to be wasted on crap.

36、Just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to,doesnt mean they dont love you with all they have。爱你的人如果没有按你所希望的方式来爱你,那并不表示他们没有全心全意地爱你。

37、if the candle of youth in order to weep with grief,will never be proud of the brilliant shine.

38、Time drops in decay, Like a candle burnt out.时间一点一滴地流逝,如同蜡烛慢慢燃尽。——Willian Yeats


40、poems do not intend to send non-ru,mo zi can get negative youth.-yu qian

41、Youth is life's seed-time. 青年时代是人生的播种期。

42、ideal is the beacon. without ideal, there is no secure direction; without a direction, there is no life.

43、ah youth is always better,but the real youth,only those people who always strive for the best,selfless work forever,forever humble man!-lei feng

44、do not be allocated to the years of water bamboo basket,the youth should ignite the cause of the torch.

45、in the end you’ll see who’s fake, who’s true and who would risk itall just for you.

46、it is better to waste ones youth than to do nothing with it at all. george courteline (1858-1926) 年青时做一点儿事要比啥事都不搞好。 乔冶·库特林 a generation without a cause in its youth has no legacy in its old age. eeward kennedy. american plliticia 一代人假如年轻时代沒有工作,年纪大了就不可能有财产可以代代相传。 美国思想家密特朗. youth is more courageous than age because it knows less. age is wiser than youth because it knows more. 青年人比老年人胆量大,由于她们了解的相对比较少。老年人比青年人明智,由于她们了解的较多。w.e.b.dubois

47、not only is the flower of their youth xiaoye,vibrant energy,attractive ufa,it also contains hard work,exploration,hard work.